Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend JusticeworX?

Participation is open to any student who has completed a year of high school in the past academic year. All levels of experience are welcome, whether the participant has a long history of service or has never done service of any kind before!

Note: Appalachia is limited to upperclassmen only (students who have completed sophomore, junior, or senior year in the past academic year). It is also suggested the Appalachia trips are not a participant’s first experience with an overnight service-immersion program.

Does our group/parish/school need to send a chaperone?

No. We recognize how hard it is for many adults – youth ministers, parents, and volunteers – to take time off to accompany a group of students on JusticeworX, which is why we provide an incredible, well-trained staff. Students are welcome without chaperones. While we certainly encourage adults to accompany students participants, we do not require it. If your parish/school requires a chaperone to attend programs sponsored by the parish/school, we are able to accommodate that as well if we have advance notice.

Do I have to be Catholic? Christian?

No. JusticeworX is a program formed in the Catholic Christian tradition. The Catholic faith guides our understanding of social justice and informs our worship experience and program content. JusticeworX is also designed to be an open and welcoming experience for anyone wishing to live a life rooted in the Gospel call to serve. We happily welcome participants from various Christian backgrounds and those outside the Christian tradition interested in learning more.

What is included in the fee?

JusticeworX is an all-inclusive program, offering services unlike any other service program. JusticeworX includes a staff at a ratio of 6:1, all vehicle transportation (which means you don’t have to rent your own vans!), housing, all meals, service site setup for Monday through Friday, and educational programming.

Is financial assistance available?

Yes. In some cases, the Center for FaithJustice is able to offer financial assistance. Participants seeking financial assistance or scholarships may complete a scholarship application. Contact Stephanie Peddicord for more information.

Who makes up the program staff?

JusticeworX is staffed by a team of enthusiastic and professional facilitators along with young adults passionate about working with youth. Most of our staff are a part of the unique LeaderworX community composed of incredible young adults dedicated to a life of faith, service, and justice. All worX staff teams are led by Team Leaders comprised of ministry professionals who coordinate the day-to-day activities of all our participants. On some program weeks, full time staff from CFJ as well as individual volunteers from our partner parishes and schools will join the worX team. We welcome you to learn more about how YOU might be able to join the program staff. Contact Mare Ernesto for more information.

Has the staff been properly background checked?

Yes. All of our staff are background checked and undergo VIRTUS child protection training as per the national guidelines of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops. Our participant to staff ratio is 6:1 or better at all times. Safety is constant, both in training and daily supervision of staff members.

Where will the participants be serving during JusticeworX?

Service sites vary depending on which of the JusticeworX programs participants attend. For specific information please click the information tab above on the JusticeworX program you are attending.

How is transportation organized?

Groups and individuals must arrange for their own transportation to and from the host facility. We do not have the space at the CASA or any of our partner host facilities to allow for participants to leave a vehicle throughout the week. Once participants arrive at the JusticeworX host site, we arrange for transportation to and from service sites throughout the week. Transportation varies based on program location and may include 7-passenger minivans (MercyworX and Appalachia) or 7-passenger minivans and public transportation (Trenton and Philadelphia) and in some cases, service sites may be within walking distance of the host site or take place on the property of the host site. Appalachia trips will meet at the Center for FaithJustice in Lawrenceville, NJ for drop off and pick up, unless otherwise planned by your specific group.

Can a student with a health condition participate?

JusticeworX attempts to accommodate students with physical impairments when possible. Parents/guardians are invited to call and speak with the Vice President of Programs and Outreach to determine if the required support of a particular youth exceeds the ability of program staff. Parents/guardians must notify staff via the medical information section of the registration form if their child suffers from any physical, dietary, behavioral, or emotional disorders. This is of the utmost importance for the safety of all individuals on our programs!

What about medications?

The parent/guardian of a participant must provide JusticeworX staff with information on all medications being taken. Parents must request – in writing – if they wish for staff to dispense medications to their child. Our ability to honor this request will be decided in collaboration with parent(s)/guardian(s). Alternatively, parents must also indicate in writing if they are authorizing their children to “self-dispense” any medications. Such notifications must be included with the health and waiver forms.

Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency back home, parents/guardians may call the Center for FaithJustice hotline at 609-498-6216 and office staff will notify program staff on location. If there is emergency onsite, staff is equipped with participants’ waiver forms with emergency contact information and will notify persons listed on the form. Please ONLY use this number for true emergencies as it will ring 24/7 and bounce to our staff office and personal cell phones until it is answered.