What is JusticeworX?

What is JusticeworX?

JusticeworX is a weeklong service immersion retreat offered by the Center for FaithJustice, designed to help high school age students explore the connections between their faith, the Gospel call to service and justice, and their everyday lives.

What is the history of the JusticeworX program?

JusticeworX was created in 1999 by the mother and son team of Helen and Sean Sanford. Combining the best methodology of youth ministry, service trips and Cathloic Social Teaching, JusticeworX instills in young people an awareness of social justice through experiences of faith in action. Inspired by the Gospel, JusticeworX helps youth understand how and why the Church teaches that issues of peace, justice and service are central to our identity as Christians. By empowering young people to help build the Kingdom of God, we are offering them a precious resource – a faith that speaks to their lives and helps them navigate the complexities of the world.

JusticeworX started with a few dozen students from Immaculata High School in Somerville, NJ and St. Charles Borromeo Church in Skillman, NJ. Over its first ten years JusticeworX has been able to reach out to thousands of youth, encouraging them to become faith based advocates for change.

What is the Center for FaithJustice?

The Center for FaithJustice is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity, and JusticeworX‘s parent organization. We join the words “Faith” and “Justice” into a single term to reflect our conviction that faith and justice are intimately bound together. In addition to JusticeworX, we offer the ServiceworX program for junior high students. To learn more about how to support our mission please visit our homepage.